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Commercial Van Flooring


If you've just purchased a new van, one of the first things you'll want to do is keep it looking as good as new. Advantage Outfitters, LLC provides several types of flooring for various trade professions.

WIth sturdy material and easy installation, our commercial van flooring can help increase your vehicle's resale value.

Why Invest in Flooring for Your Commercial Van?

The primary reason to invest in commercial van flooring products is to protect your investment. No matter what, a van is an investment for your organization and should be protected so it will last for years or be resold for a better price. Regardless of the industry, commercial van flooring is a wise option for several reasons.

The most obvious reason is protection. For a cargo van, flooring can help prevent dents and punctures to the body of the van. HVAC van flooring helps prevent your van floor from being stained by chemicals or oils. Even for a plumber van, flooring can mean the difference between a van that looks as good as new or like it's been used and worn out.

All these professions also require many different tools, and proper flooring, like rubber matting for vans, can reduce or even prevent the damage caused by falling or dropped equipment. The matting has the additional benefit of providing traction, which helps your staff load and unload large items with ease. It also prevents any fallen tools or materials from sliding around the van and being a potential danger to the van and its passengers.

Even small punctures can cause great damage in the long run, and work van flooring can prevent harm to the vehicle. All these things will, in turn, end up increasing the resale value of your vehicle so you can get a better price when you're ready to upgrade.

For additional protection, pair the flooring with products to protect the rest of your van, including the roof, the doors and the interior surfaces.

Commercial Van Flooring Options From Advantage Outfitters

At Advantage Outfitters, we offer products designed to fit most vans, including:

  • Sprinter
  • Metris
  • ProMaster
  • ProMaster City
  • Transit

Our flooring products range from rubber floor mats to aluminum and composite van flooring. Let's look at some of our commercial van floorings in detail.

1. Legend Fleet StabiliGrip


StabiliGrip is an extremely anti-slip van flooring, made of a composite blend that measures 3/8 inches thick. It has a surface made of rubber with a sandpaper feel, which is great for traction. Its core contains mess,h and its bottom layer is TPO, a cushioned blend of thermoplastic, rubber and proprietary materials.

Legend Fleet flooring with StabiliGrip is moisture-resistant as well as rot-resistant — meaning no dealing with mold or splintering — making it an ideal commercial van floor covering.

Legend Fleet flooring comes in two panels for easy installation, and the panels' seams are joined with an aluminum "H" channel, which makes it flush with the floor, allowing for a smooth seam. Altogether, the floor weighs approximately 112 pounds, depending on the size of your van.


This Legend Fleet van flooring offers a firm floor, similar to wood, with the added benefit of being an anti-slip van flooring. It provides maximum traction, even in wet weather, and helps prevent your cargo from sliding around. Legend Fleet van flooring isn't prone to temperature-based expansion or contraction, making it one of the most intentionally stable flooring options. Plus, it helps decrease road noise.

It's also chemical-resistant, making it safe for transporting foods, and it's easy to clean. The heavy-duty diamond-plate aluminum side and rear sills — which are custom-cut to fit your van — are highly recommended to provide support to the full interior.

2. Legend Fleet Composite Wood

Wood van flooring is a popular option, and Legend Fleet's composite wood is worthwhile for an aesthetic yet functional look.

Made from a half-inch birch plywood core with heavy-duty coating on top, it comes in interlocking panels — two for a regular wheelbase and three for an extended wheelbase — for quick and easy installation.

This flooring weighs about 100 pounds, depending on your van model.


Featuring a textured surface and non-skid steel coating, this custom-built flooring is water- and wear-resistant, making it extremely durable and sturdy. The textured surface provides great traction while still making it very easy to slide equipment or cargo into and out of the van.

Heavy-duty, custom-cut side and rear sills, made of diamond-plate aluminum, are recommended to provide additional protection for the van's interior, leaving it with the potential of excellent resale value.

3. Legend Fleet Rubber

Van rubber flooring doesn't get better than Legend Fleet rubber flooring, which is made from quarter-inch virgin rubber and manufactured by Legend Fleet Solutions.


This virgin rubber is oil-resistant and chemical-resistant while providing increased traction, making it one of the best cargo van floor mats out there. The Legend Floor cargo van rubber floor mat is also designed to increase traction while remaining easy on the knees to prevent injury.

Anti-slip characteristics are a big selling point for rubber flooring, and because rubber tends to be more shock absorbent, it's gentler on the limbs and joints, especially if your job requires kneeling in the cargo area of your van.

Rubber is universally known to be water-resistant, and Legend Fleet rubber flooring is no different. Because it consists of virgin rubber, it's strong and sturdy and likely to look good for a long time. The less pungent smell of new rubber is another benefit, especially in enclosed spaces like a van.

4. Wheel Well Covers


Manufactured by Legend Fleet, these wheel well covers are made with a mixture of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and cross-linked polyethylene (XPE) foam with foil. HDPE is an extremely durable plastic and XPE foam is a newer and safer alternative to traditional foam materials, making these wheel well covers sturdy and long-lasting.

Wheel well covers are an excellent addition to cargo van flooring solutions, protecting an easily damaged but often ignored part of a van's interior. These covers come in sets of two, for single-rear-wheel vans, to protect the wheel wells, which are usually the first to become dented. They are not compatible with vans with dual rear wheels.


A great complement to cargo van mats, Legend Fleet wheel well covers provide complete protection for all bare metal panels in your van's floor, preventing damage while reducing road noise with their padding.

The covers also have multiple layers of insulation, creating a sturdy thermal barrier than completes the interior insulation of your van without sacrificing the clean, professional appearance.

To top it off, they're extremely easy to install, requiring no more than 10 minutes.

How to Install Commercial Van Flooring

Installing van rubber floor mats is much easier than you may anticipate. Our commercial van floor kits are easy to install and come with illustrated step-by-step instructions so you can put your mats to use straight away. While some assembly is required, it is very simple and easy to do.

Your kit should include:

  • The flooring
  • Rear door floor sill
  • Side door floor sills
  • Hardware for installation

The rear and side door sills protect the part of the floor at these entry points, which are the areas that see the highest amount of traffic and, therefore, are prone to more damage and wear. The aluminum sills allow for traction and security while maintaining your vehicle's resale value.

Installation is as simple as putting the floor in your vehicle — it'll be custom-made to fit your van model — and using the hardware to keep it in place. Then, align the sills with the rear and side doors and install using the hardware provided.

Installation of wheel well covers is just as simple, and we provide installation instructions online so you can get more assistance if needed.

For those who are more visual, our illustrated instructions are available online and offer easy-to-understand steps for installing any of the floorings we offer.


Complementary Products

While van flooring is a great investment that will help protect your van and increase its resale value, additional products that pair well with our flooring can provide increased protection and organization for your business.

Wall and Ceiling Liners

For a cargo van, floor liners add more protection for the interior of your vehicle, preventing dents, nicks and scrapes. Ceiling and wall liners provide similar protection for the roof and side of your vehicle, especially when transporting large equipment or cargo. Made of heavy-duty plastic, these liners are designed to ensure your vehicle remains in tip-top shape for longer.

Rubber van floor lining is great for keeping your floors safe, but sliding tools or even spills can damage unprotected walls, which is why our wall and ceiling liners are resistant to water and chemical spills. This adds extra protection for tools, equipment and doors in your vehicles as well. They also reduce noise, providing sound insulation from road noise for the driver and passengers.

Our insulated liners also retain heat, making the interior of your van a comfortable temperature even in colder months. Aside from providing comfort for the driver and passengers of the van, the insulation from our liners inevitably helps reduce the fuel that would otherwise be used to heat the van.

And, on top of all that, our wall and ceiling liners are precision-cut for each vehicle and present a neat, professional appearance that is suited to all industries.


The driver's comfort is something else to consider, which is why our partitions are designed with comfort in mind. Each of our partitions has its own unique benefits, such as reclining room for driver's seats, windows for clear visibility into the cargo area and access to the cargo bay from the cockpit.

Most of our partitions are made from metal, but we also offer mesh partitions, which allow drivers clear views of the cargo area and can be customized to take advantage of floor space. These are great for industries in which only a single person is required for jobs.

If the driver is also the worker, mesh panels — or even some of our metal panels with windows — allow them to securely drive the van while still keeping an eye on the valuable tools and equipment in the back.

Carrier Tubes

For those industries requiring safe transport for wires and conduits, we provide carrier tubes that can be locked to product your equipment. These tubes are made from 5-inch aluminum, rest on the roof of any van and are compatible with our van roof racks.

If copper wiring is part of your equipment, you can rest assured that these carrier tubes are also an excellent way to safely store and transport this valuable equipment without fear of it warping or getting stolen.


An organized van is an efficient van, which is why Advantage Outfitters provides a range of shelving units to keep your equipment stored safely and neatly. From individual shelving units to packages, our shelving is designed to keep your equipment safe and easy to reach.

The secure units are custom-designed to fit your vehicle model — replace existing shelves with the individual units or install a brand-new unit in your van as needed.

Some of the benefits of including shelving units in your van are:

  • Protection: Keep both the interior of your vehicle as well as your tools and equipment safe by storing them in these shelves.
  • Organization: Things are easier to find when everything has its place, and our van shelving helps you organize tools, so staff can quickly grab what they need for any job.
  • Efficiency: With a neat and organized van, you can quickly access the tools you need and complete more jobs in less time, thus increasing your overall revenue.

Our shelves are made of aluminum with composite bottoms and can hold up to 40 pounds per foot. We also offer folding shelves, which fold away when not in use, allowing you to better use smaller spaces.

Shelving can also be customized by profession, with unique and industry-efficient shelving available for:

  • Plumbers
  • HVAC workers
  • Electricians
  • Delivery people

We also offer general shelving and steel base shelving for high-roof vehicles.

Why Buy Commercial Van Flooring From Advantage Outfitters?


At Advantage Outfitters, we know how you can take advantage of the benefits of commercial van flooring. That's why we offer:

  • The best prices online
  • Quick shipping times
  • Personalized layout services
  • Customized design services
  • Products from industry-leading manufacturers

Ordering is simple thanks to our vehicle- and trade-specific products and all items are stocked in our own warehouses, so they ship within 48 hours. Our products are from reliable manufacturers at budget-friendly prices — we even have a price-match guarantee and we honor all manufacturers' warranties.

If you have any questions about any of our products, services, or commercial van flooring needs, feel free to speak to one of our experts by calling 866-925-4844. You can also fill out the form online or jump on our LiveChat.